The Personal Insurance Company

If people are going to take their cars out onto Canada’s roads, they are going to need to purchase car insurance first. Anything to the contrary can mean several unpleasant consequences, but purchasing their coverage from the Personal Insurance Company through their employers is an easy decision for people to make for several reasons.

Why One Should Choose the Personal Insurance Company

Members of organizations and employees who take advantage of the chance they have to purchase their individual or group auto insurance with this company receive great rates for their coverage. Their insurance coverage is extensive and useful for the price they are paying, and they can tailor their policies to meet their specific needs even though it may be group coverage.

The representatives at this company are available to serve their clients’ needs for extended hours from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night on weekdays. If their clients need to begin a claim, they can do so at any time of the day or night on any day of the week. Policy holders also can visit the company’s website to find quick answers to any questions they may have.

The Worry-Free Option

The Personal Insurance Company has a program that is called the Worry-Free Option, and people may choose to add it to their coverage for a low rate. If clients with this option drive a vehicle not owned by them that is damaged, the option offers them a maximum of $100,000 to repair the damages. The policy holders also receive a maximum of $1,500 for transportation if their vehicles cannot be driven after a car collision. They will receive a maximum of $750 if the incident occurs while they are traveling.

Also with the Worry-Free Option, policy holders will not have to pay their deductibles if the Personal Insurance Company determines that the vehicle is a total loss or they are hit by another driver who flees the scene. To qualify in this instance, the policy holders must immediately call the authorities to report the accident.


This company helps to lower how much its clients pay for their auto insurance coverage with several discounts. These include:

  • The Multi-Vehicle Discount: Each policy holder will receive a 15 percent discount just by insuring at least two cars with this one company.
  • The Anti-Theft System Discount: An anti-theft alarm system or a global positioning system (GPS) installed in a vehicle will entitle the owner to a discount between 20 and 60 percent on the premiums for theft insurance coverage.
  • The Fuel Efficient Discount: Those who are insuring vehicles with high gas mileage receive a 15 percent discount.
  • The Hybrid Vehicle Discount: Hybrid vehicles owners receive a 15 percent discount for contributing to protecting the environment.
  • The Fully Electric Vehicle Discount: Electric vehicles offer an even larger discount for those insuring them with the Personal Insurance Company at 20 percent.
  • The Student Discount: The student discount can be as much as 17 percent for those who are currently attending college or who have just graduated and are 25 or under.
  • The Multi-Line Discount: The Personal Insurance Company also sells home insurance products, and those who purchase their home insurance along with their auto insurance receive a discount.
  • The Customer Service Experience

What people will notice when they are clients of the Personal Insurance Company is that it trains its employees to treat its clients with the utmost of care. The point is to make understanding their auto insurance as easy as possible and administering their services in the simplest manner.

The company begins to make auto insurance comprehensible by creating contracts that leave all of the complicated terminology aside. These are written in plain language that everyone can understand. If this is not sufficient for their clients, the company wants to help make the experiences they have with their customer service personnel even better. They invite their clients to make any suggestions they feel would improve the customer experience.

The Personal Insurance Company goes even further to exceed its clients expectations for customer service by offering a way for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied with the service they have received. The company has a toll-free number for people to call any time that they feel they have not been given the service they believe they deserved.

The Claims Process

Beginning the claims process early is the key to receiving immediate service from an insurance company, and the Personal Insurance Company encourages its clients to call right away when they need to file a claim. The company wants to help its clients receive the appropriate services after they have a collision, and they also want to meet their immediate needs.

To start the claims process, the Personal Insurance Company’s clients will need to call a representative so that they can describe the entire occurrence in detail. It will be up to the insurance company to write a damage assessment report that will lead to the repairs the vehicle needs to have done. The policy holders do not need to pay for anything until the work has been completed on their vehicles. At that time, they pay their deductibles and take their cars home.

Industry Ratings

A.M. Best rates insurance companies for their financial solvency, but the Personal Insurance Company has not been rated. Although people cannot check with A.M. Best for its ratings on this company, they can determine how financially solvent the Personal Insurance Company is based on its many years in business. The Personal Insurance Company first opened its doors in 1974 and has been going strong ever since.