Promutuel Insurance

Promutuel is an insurance carrier that offers Canadians several types of policies, including auto insurance. Promutuel has provided Quebeckers with a range of insurance and financial products for over 150 years. Promutuel Insurance began providing agricultural insurance to customers when the insurance industry was still in its infancy in Canada. The company started by offering policy holders coverage for fire, wind and lightening. The company is still one of the most prominent providers of damage insurance in Quebec.


Over the years, Promutuel has developed a reputation as one of the leading insurance providers of all types of policies. The company currently insures more than 500,000 individuals. Promutuel employs approximately 1650 individuals and 80 percent are employed in the greater Quebec area.

Promutuel enjoys a great reputation for excellent customer service. The company offers insurance for all types of vehicles, including R.V.s. Promutuel also insures farms, homes and businesses. Promutuel Insurance offers additional financial products, such as life insurance and health insurance.

Industry Ratings

JD Power and Associates

JD Power and Associates regularly rates insurance providers and other companies by surveying current and former customers about their perceptions of the companies. JD Power and Associates’ surveys randomly select a sample of customers and examines each company on several dimensions.

Promutuel is highly rated with JD Power and Associates in terms of customer satisfaction. In fact, Promutuel Insurance rated in First Place in the Quebec area when compared to all other insurance providers. Promutuel rated well, in particular, in three areas of the JD Power and Associates customer surveys. Policy offerings, customer interaction and billing and payments scores were higher than for any other provider in Quebec. On a 100 point scale, Promutuel scored an 846 overall on the survey.

AM Best

AM Best rates insurance providers and other companies with regards to their financial strength and credit rating. AM Best rates Promutuel with a “B++” or “Good” rating.

Why One Should Choose Promutuel Insurance

Promutuel customers enjoy many benefits offered by the company that are not found with other insurance carriers. Promutuel offers the “Proplan,” which is a comprehensive roadside assistance and rental coverage that may be added to an auto insurance policy.

The Proplan is why many Quebeckers select Promutuel Insurance as their insurance carrier. This plan covers the insured with civil liability coverage for up to $1 million if the policy holder’s vehicle causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party. The Proplan provides the policy holder for borrowed or rented vehicles, as well. Not only is the insured party covered. Everyone who lives in their household is covered, as well, under the Proplan.

If the insured party needs to place their vehicle in the shop for repairs following a covered accident, the Proplan pays up to $50 per day for transportation expenses, including a rental car or taxi fees. If the insured party’s car is determined to be totaled, they receive a no-deductible, all inclusive payment for the car. The Proplan offers many additional benefits and this plan is one of the main reasons why customers choose Promutuel.

In addition to excellent insurance products, Promutuel consistently rates high with their customers in terms of their customer-oriented business practices.

Discounts Offered

Promutuel provides multi-policy discounts for customers who insure multiple vehicles and/or their cars and homes with the company. This discount is named the “Winning Combinations” discount. However, insuring one’s home and vehicles all with Promutuel is just one of the Winning Combinations discounts. Other discounts are offered by individual insurance agents in local offices. When customers purchase multi-policy plans, Promutuel provides them with enhanced policies, as well.

Customer Service and Claim Processing

Promutuel offers auto insurance, as well as other types of policies, to Canadians at a fair price. Potential customers may request quotes from the Promutuel website at Customers may also purchase auto insurance policies online. Even though the company has a history in tradition, Promutuel Insurance manages to offer individuals state-of-the-art online service from their well-designed and comprehensive site.

If an insured party needs to file a claim, the website allows the individual to locate the office nearest their home to process the claim. In addition, agent offices are listed on the website, each with a toll-free phone number. Customers of Promutuel tend to be very happy with the company, as reflected in customer reviews and surveys. Customer satisfaction is one reason why Promutuel is the leading insurance company in the greater Quebec area.

When shopping for auto insurance in Canada, customers want to save money. However, they also want to select the company that will provide them with the best service. Promutuel has a reputation of being a very customer-oriented company. Not only does Promutuel offer various insurance products, such as those for business, auto, home and farm, they offer competitive rates and have a reputation for promptly paying claims.

Promutuel is the leading provider of insurance in the Quebec area for many reasons. Reasons why Promutuel Insurance remains consistently at the top of the list for “Best Canadian Insurance Companies” is a combination of competitive rates, great customer service and the practice of prompt payment of claims.