Progressive Insurance Canada

Progressive Auto Insurance, founded in 1937, is one of the most profitable car insurance companies anywhere. Besides car and other vehicle (including motorcycle, truck, and boat) insurance, the firm sells life, health, pet, and “umbrella” insurance (a form of coverage resorted to when all other policies have been exhausted).

They offer special low auto insurance rates; choose them for your provider and you could save over $475 on car insurance. Another service from Progressive is car insurance for teens; the website provides tips for the teen driver who gets pulled over by the police or has to deal with road rage.

Many car insurance discounts are available from Progressive; among them are E- sign, whereby the applicant signs the appropriate documents online and thus saves $50; Multi Car Insurance, whereby you save money by insuring more than one vehicle); Pay in Full, which allows the holder to get more savings by paying the full amount of the policy up front; homeowners, with which the owner of a house receives a discount; Snapshot Discount, which drivers can apply for by taking a snapshot to prove what safe drivers they are; and Accident Forgiveness, which keeps the rates at their present rate if the holder does not have an accident within a certain time after the policy begins, not raising them after this time, regardless of whether or not the driver is at fault.

In addition to discounts, Progressive Auto Insurance also gives “loyalty rewards” to those who have been policy holders for a certain length of time. And the longer one holds onto a given policy, the more rewards will be available to him. Some, like Small Accident Forgiveness and Network of Preapproved Repair Shops (quick repair service), may be earned immediately, while many others (Large Accident Forgiveness and Young Driver Discount) increase over time.

As mentioned above, the forms of vehicle coverage that Progressive provides— besides automobile— include motorcycle, boat, RV, commercial auto, snowmobile (available only in 31 states), collector car (of which Progressive is the largest supplier in the country), and Segway HT. The last of these— not available in a few states— applies to the two- wheeled battery- powered vehicle invented only ten years ago. It can ride up to 12.5 miles an hour and is steered by adjustment of the operator’s center of gravity. There are several motorcycle insurance policies that cover different types of cycle, such as scooters, mopeds, or dirt bikes. Likewise with different kinds of boats (fishing and jet boats) and commercial autos (pickup trucks, semi-trucks, vans, cars used solely for business purposes).

The services of Progressive Insurance are available to drivers in all fifty states. Progressive also has company headquarters in Australia (— also has its own insurance girl corresponding to Flo), but not in Canada. However, many Americans who have Progressive coverage migrate to Canada, and wish to continue their coverage; and such people will be pleased to know that there are still plenty of other auto insurance companies in Canada that have good reputations. Among the best car insurance companies are Millennium, Allstate, Dominion, Pembridge, PAFCO, Belairdirect Royal & Sunalliance, Perth, Aviva, and Grey Power. Some of these businesses have company offices in both the United States and Canada, while others offer their services to Canadian drivers only.

Many rating agencies provided unbiased ratings on car insurance companies. One such agency is J. D. Power & Associates, a global market research company. They maintain a vast online library that gives invaluable information on ways to cut insurance costs and what to do in case of a car accident. They cover countless other areas of life, including banking, real estate, travel & leisure, health, home improvement, and financial services.

Aviva Canada is one of the country’s top auto insurance companies (and like Progressive, it provides other types of insurance as well). For information on discounts and rewards, contact an insurance broker.

One important thing to keep in mind if you live in Canada and are the owner of a car, is that in Canada auto insurance is MANDATORY; it is not an option. Also know that the amount of the insurance premiums you pay will be affected by your driving record, so you will have to drive safely if you are to keep your expenses down. Insurance premiums also vary with the type of vehicle being insured, owing to differences in accident involvement, theft, and other factors. And if this is your first car, your first car, then it is likely that you will have to pay more in insurance than you otherwise would.

There are seven main components to a Canadian auto insurance policy: collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, accident benefits third party liability, direct compensation/property damage, uninsured/underinsured/unidentified motorists’ coverage, and deductibles– the last goes towards paying the costs of an accident for which the holder is at least partly responsible.

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