Johnson Insurance

Why Johnson Car Insurance?

Offering coverage for your home and automobiles, Johnson Insurance has more than 125 years of experience. One of the fastest growing insurance companies in Canada, Johnson Auto Insurance continues to focus on providing excellent customer service. Founded in 1880 in St. John’s, NL, the company has enjoyed more than a century of steady growth. The company is now part of RSA organization, a global group offering insurance around the world. With an exceptional record on claims and 24-hour availability, Johnson Insurance Canada in one company that will be there when you need them.

Open 24/7

Other companies may close down for the weekend, but Johnson knows that accidents can happen at any time. That’s why they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not close for holidays, and they will be available to help you even in the middle of the night. This is an important feature of any insurance company, because accidents can happen any time of the day or night.

Quality Claims Handling

They offer 24-hour claims services and surveys show that their customer satisfaction ratings are 97 percent. Do not settle for a company that won’t respond to claims or moves through the process slowly. Choose a company that will do everything they can to make it right in a timely manner.

Personalized Care

Other car insurance companies focus on what is convenient for them, but Johnson concentrates on what makes it great for their customers. Their customers can visit a local branch, call on the telephone or visit their website to make changes to their auto policy, get answers to questions or file a claim. With Johnson, it’s all about the customer and what is right for them.

Impressive Features

This Canadian car insurance company offers a range of impressive features and cool benefits. Vanishing deductibles reward people who don’t file claims, and accident forgiveness rewards drivers who usually have a clean record. They also provide customers with a choice of payment plans, so the insurance premium will fit comfortably in the budget. A Members Only website provides instant access to account information, and the company will assign you a direct dial insurance representative for the personalized service you deserve.

One feature available from Johnson that you won’t find with another cheap car insurance is depreciation add-back. When your car is damaged in an accident, the value isn’t determine based on its current age, but on the current age minus 24 months. This results in fewer cars being declared total losses, and it provides you with more money should your vehicle be totaled.


You can have all the best features in an affordable car insurance company. Not only does Johnson offer low rates, but they are also involved in the community. Their team members volunteer in local organizations. The company strives to be a good corporate citizen by sponsoring charity events on a local level and maintaining an annual scholarship program.

Customer Satisfaction

When you are shopping for Car insurance Ontario, look for a company that provides excellent customer service. J.D. Power ranked Johnson highest in customer satisfaction among all home insurers in the greater Ontario / Atlantic region. The same service that our customers love in Ontario is also available for customers in Edmonton, Newfoundland and Toronto.


People throughout Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary are looking for ways to save money on insurance premiums. When considering a Johnson Insurance quote, take into account the additional discounts offered by the company. Like most car insurance companies, Johnson offers several discounts. One way to save money is by having more than two policies with the company. If you are one of their group clients, or if you have your home and car insured with them, you can qualify for a more attractive rate.

Johnson is a Canadian car insurance company that offers customers more. The customer service is more impressive, the features are more innovative and the savings are more generous. When you need cheap car insurance, you do not have to surrender customer service and say farewell to helpful amenities. Johnson Insurance is an excellent company to consider if you are looking for great features like roadside assistance, first accident forgiveness and depreciation add-back. Johnson is one of the leading providers of insurance throughout the country of Canada because of their excellent service record, commitment to community and great prices.