Canadian Direct Insurance

Why Canadian Direct Auto Insurance?

Canadian Direct Insurance has been in the industry for many years. In fact, it is among Western Canada’s fastest growing insurance companies. Canadian Direct does not only provide car insurance. It also gives drivers relevant information on how to be safer on the road. Canadian Direct provides safe driving tips to benefit all drivers. The company tailors car insurance policies to fit all customer needs and preferences. Customers give Canadian Direct a 98 percent satisfaction rating for car insurance claims. This insurance provider has held BBB accreditation since 1996 and has resolved all disputes it has encountered.

Canadian Direct has been helping customers get the most competitive rates for more than a decade. Customers may take advantage of two payment options with credit cards and MPP. Canadian Direct Insurance prides itself on keeping up with the most innovative and current technologies for processing claims and delivering car insurance services to customers. In fact, it was the very first insurance company in Canada to utilize telemarketing as a sales method.  Canadian Direct offers Alberta car insurance with great rates and insurance coverage.

The best part about Canadian Direct car insurance is that customers can get premium waivers for disabilities. Canadian Direct waives unpaid and missed premiums due to policy holder disability or loss of income. This service continues until they can get back to work or until the policy term ends. Alberta car insurance also comes with emergency service where customers can be reimbursed as much as $60CAD. Both Alberta and BC car insurance feature lock re-keying. This means that insurance will pay for locks that need replacement.

In addition, the company guarantees claims-free discounts, a VIP package and guaranteed renewals. Customers can enjoy discounts for more than one vehicle and even more reductions on premiums when they are paired with home insurance policies. Security systems installed on cars can save customers up to 10 percent on comprehensive coverage. Canadian Direct also encourages customers to opt for higher deductibles to lower monthly premiums.

Fuel-efficient, hybrid and smart car owners can get a 10 percent on collision and comprehensive coverage. Canadian Direct offers reward points for customers. This program is great for people who purchase insurance for new cars or those who renew their insurance policies. These points can be redeemed for a $50 voucher that can be used to pay for car insurance premiums. Policyholders may apply for a Canadian Direct WorldPoints Mastercard. They can redeem their points with these cards, and they can also use them to pay their premiums.

Cheap car insurance, extensive coverage and many other perks are just a few of the advantages that Canadian Direct offers. Unlike other car insurance companies, Canadian Direct opens its doors to customer feedback. The company also provides no obligation car insurance quotes. The company’s friendly customer service staff can accommodate all queries including claims processing and Canadian Direct Insurance quotes.

To help process car insurance claims due to accidents, policy holders should exchange insurance details with the other party involved. This is very crucial so that policy holders and other parties will experience smooth claims negotiations. Next, they should get names and phone numbers of potential witnesses and write down what happened. Policy holders should do their best to describe the incident as accurately as possible. It is best that they do this soon after the accident while the experience is still fresh in their memory. This will help determine their claims from Canadian Direct. It is important that they report the incident as soon as possible, even if only minor damage was caused. This will ensure that policy holders experience hassle-free claims processing.

In Alberta, it takes one year to conclude a car claim, while it takes two years in British Columbia. Canadian Direct costumers can always provide feedback about their claims service. They have a very high satisfaction rating. This is something that other car insurance companies find hard to achieve. Car insurance policy holders should bear in mind that maintenance costs are not a part of the coverage. They should be responsible in keeping their cars running safe. Furthermore, policy holders are not entitled to any claims due to loss or stolen personal items.

Canadian Direct offers collision, liability, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Comprehensive coverage is also available. Drivers should carefully choose the policy that suits them best. The type of car insurance needed depends on driving behavior, budget and the type of vehicles driven. Monthly premiums also vary, but they may be reduced when customers qualify for discounts and promotions.

Because Canadian Direct is concerned about their customers, the company provides many educational resources for drivers. They provide information about driver etiquette and recovering from driving emergencies. The company also provides collision avoidance courses. Drivers who take this course can qualify for a 10 percent discount on optional collision insurance. Customers can also find reliable information about common theft problems and how to prevent them. Theft is a major problem for policy holders. With these helpful tips, drivers can take good care of their investments and themselves.