British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) Insurance


The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) provides roadside assistance, home, auto and travel insurance to customers. The organization accepts memberships, offers rewards and discounts for every member of the club. Members simply must show their card and save in numerous locations in the area.

BCAA has 790,000 members and 27 locations scattered throughout British Columbia. The company generates more than $400 million in annual sales. British Columbia Automobile Association has been providing exemplary service to customers for over 100 years.

The company strives to do the right thing at all times. BCAA bases its company on the core values of teamwork and integrity. Customers trust BCAA to protect their automobile assets and their lives while traveling on the road.

Industry Ratings

Though the company only managed to score a B+ or “Good” AM Best rating in 2007, they are constantly improving by making leadership changes and by valuing their employees. By valuing their employees, they will deliver better service to customers. Now that BCAA is one of the best employers to work for in Canada, the employees strive to make customer interactions equally as positive.

BCAA also supports the initiatives of Insurance Bureau of Canada. The company updates its customers about the latest advice from the organization but no formal rating has been noted.

Why Should A Person Choose British Columbia Auto Association (BCAA)?

BCAA is Considered an Authority in Insurance. BCAA is often featured in blogs on offering authoritative advice to drivers in the community.

BCAA Builds Trust, Loyalty and Is Fiscally Responsible. BCAA is one of the best auto clubs and insurance agencies in British Columbia. As a not-for-profit, BCAA strives to build a loyal base of customers. They build trust and loyalty by making every effort to keep clients healthy and safe. It is evident through the company’s ability to attain sustainable growth year after year that BCAA customers value the services provided. The company is fiscally responsible and is capable of paying any claims submitted by its customers.

BCAA Offers Discounts. Because BCAA is a membership company, the can provide discounts based upon volume. The more members the company attains, the easier it is for the company to form partnerships and also to offer discounts. Customers choose BCAA because the company continually provides services and offers that add value to their lives.

BCAA Values Safety. At BCAA, safety is of the utmost importance. The company’s roadside assistance is one of the best available. If the customer is in an accident or the vehicle is in need of repairs, a 24 hour per day towing service is at the customer’s disposal. As a part of the membership, the tow truck will transport the vehicle to the closest repair shop within the network. Discounts are available for most services simply by showing the discount card.

BCAA Offers Advice. BCAA offers a variety of services to help automobile owners. Services extend beyond insurance coverage. Customers may receive: Battery service, vehicle inspection service, approved auto repair service and information on used car purchases.

BCAA Offers Numerous Coverage Options In a Single Company. Not only can customers take advantage of car insurance with BCAA, they can also insure their homes, life, health and travel. The company values its customers and can offer affordable package options catered to budgetary and coverage needs.

BCAA Covers a Variety of Vehicle Types. Basic vehicle coverage, optional vehicle coverage, motorcycle and specialty coverage is all available to help clients protect their vehicles.

BCAA Offers a Variety of Coverage. Customers have the opportunity to select third-party liability up to $200,000 with basic coverage, accident benefits, uninsured motorist protection up to $1 million, hit-and-run coverage up to $200,000 and inverse liability coverage. There are numerous other coverage options available also. Some of these options include: Collision, comprehensive, excess third-party liability, specified perils and excess underinsured motorist protection.

BCAA Members are Eligible for Rental Car Coverage. For an additional $21, members can also obtain rental car coverage. The vehicle is protected, and loss of use coverage is offered. Customers who have not caused any accidents in the past 15 years are eligible for this coverage.

New Vehicle Replacement Plus Option. First-time new vehicle owners are eligible to purchase a policy that will allow them to receive a brand new vehicle if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair. A cash settlement equal to the original price may also be awarded. This coverage is only available to customers who have had no accidents in the past 15 years that they caused.

Discounts Offered

Customers that are a part of the RoadStar and RoadStar Golds programs may receive discounts on insurance premiums. These members have typically had no accidents in 15 years. Customers also receive a five percent discount on car insurance by purchasing online. A member of BCAA will receive a seven percent discount on travel insurance. Safe drivers and drivers of vehicle with anti-theft devices, safety devices and high fuel efficiency ratings are eligible for discounts.

Customer Service and Claims Processing

BCAA has a variety of ways to contact it agents and make the claims processing and information gathering process easier. For general questions, a support archive is available with answers to the most common questions. Agents at a local office are also available to assist by phone, email or an in-person office visit. A list of offices is provided on the website.

Claims processing is a simple process. Most claims in the organization are handled efficiently. The majority of customers are pleased with their service. This is why the company has remained in business for over 100 years.