How to Choose the Best Car Insurance Companies in Canada

The best auto insurance companies in Canada will have a rating of AA or AAA. If an car insurance company has a rating of AA, then they are considered to be very strong financially. A rating of AAA means that an insurance company is extremely strong financially. Ratings for auto insurance companies are provided by ratings companies such as A.M Best and Standard & Poor’s. The assigned rating is the measure of the company’s ability to pay for a policy claim. You can search and find the best companies by using a variety of methods.

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Go to your province’s department of insurance website. All provinces have a department of insurance and many will publish a complaint ratio for all companies that sell automobile insurance policies. You can view a complaint ratio to see the number of complaints that were received for a auto insurance company based on 1,000 filed claims. Compare the complaint ratio with the ratings for each auto insurance company in your area. If you have complied a list of price quotes from various insurers, then you can compare your complaint ratio list to find companies with the fewest complaints that offer the lowest premium.

Contact a local body shop or mechanic in your area. Ask if they recommend a particular auto insurance company over another. A typical body shop meets with adjusters from various insurance companies for repair estimates. You can easily find out which insurance company will offer good claims experience to their customers. Make a note of any insurance company that uses aftermarket parts instead of providing original equipment when a repair is needed.

Go to the J.D. Powers website and search for information about a particular insurance company. Data is collected about coverage options, the handling of claims and premium cost from policy holders that are scattered nationwide. You can compare insurance companies by accessing the Consumer Center section of the website. The Consumer Center has a link to an annual survey of auto insurance companies.

Contact a local insurance agent in your area if you need further assistance. To get information for many different types of insurance companies, then you need to use an independent agent. These people access information about all car insurance companies where they can write a policy. A local insurance agent uses a wealth of knowledge to ascertain if one company is more advantageous over another. You can gain a lot of knowledge about various insurance companies from a local insurance agent.

Minimum requirements for insurance are set by each state. The amount of coverage that is needed for a policy will vary from state to state. Typically, the minimum amount of coverage for a policy will not be enough to cover the costs of an accident. If you use an insurance agent, they can tell you whether or not full coverage auto insurance is needed for your vehicle of if lesser coverage can be used. This can offer you a way to determine which insurance company to use that will meet your coverage needs.