Belairdirect Insurance

Belairdirect Insurance has been providing car insurance in Ontario and Quebec for over 50 years. The company pioneered online car insurance quotes for customers in North America. Belairdirect has never stopped giving customers cutting edge insurance products. In fact, the company has introduced the innovative Crash Proof Policy for better customer protection. At present, the company offers a number of Belairdirect car insurance products and services that are tailored to fit driver needs.

Industry Ratings

The company has maintained a loyal client base since 1955. This is the main reason why it has become one of the leading car insurance companies in Ontario and Quebec. It has already established an excellent reputation in the industry.

The company’s overall ratings are better than the most insurance companies in Canada. Customers say that Belairdirect Car Insurance offers desirable policies. However, the company’s pricing, claims and contact methods are rated average. They have only received six Better Business Bureau complaints in the last three years. This is a very low number considering the company’s size.

Products and Services

The company’s comprehensive services make the company stand out from the rest. The company ensures that all client transactions are handled smoothly. They offer car insurance quotes without any hassles. This allows clients to obtain quotes in a quick and simple manner. Moreover, Belairdirect’s online technology has earned awards for efficiency and innovativeness. The company’s human resources and call center management departments have also received recognition for exemplary service. These credentials show that they are one of the top companies in the industry.

The company’s Crash Proof Policy is among the most popular products that the company offers. This policy is designed to protect good driving records and insurance rates. It is an undeniable fact that drivers who cause accidents pay higher premiums. However, this cutting-edge product allows drivers to ensure their premiums stay the same after they cause an accident for only $5 a month. This policy also comes with emergency road assistance, personal effect, transportation and accommodation protection.

This insurance company also offers three unique programs to help clients get more savings. Rather than purchasing separate insurance policies, they may enroll in the Aeroplan Miles, Duoflex and Autocomfort programs. Furthermore, drivers who worry about not getting their benefits after moving may take advantage of programs for car insurance in Quebec and Ontario. All they have to do is comply with the requirements for transferring their car insurance to another province.

Available Discounts

Drivers may also take advantage of the discounts available to enjoy cheap car insurance premiums. Ontario customers may get premium deductions for having four winter tires. University students under the age of 25 and full-time students can get a 10 percent discount on car insurance premiums. Students who take three or more courses per session may be eligible for this discount. Those who take driving lessons from an affiliated school can also get premium reductions. Other discounts are offered for cars with anti-theft devices.

Quotes and Claims

Policy holders don’t have to worry about their accounts as the company provides easy access to information. They can check and manage their policies online. This feature gets excellent ratings from customers. Customer service is the company’s number one priority. With this, they provide a step by step process to make transactions as convenient as possible. Customers can get access to claims service 24 hours a day.

Customers who want to request quotes may browse through the company’s online tutorial. They can learn how to get quotes and manage their policies. Every customer call leads to a certified agent or claim’s adjuster. They can cater to all queries regarding claims processing.

The company requires policy holders to report accidents they are involved in to the police, especially when anyone is injured or the damages exceed $1,000. Drivers should transport their cars to a safe location if they are still drivable. They should never forget about exchanging information with the other parties involved. If the vehicle has severe damage, a tow truck will take it to a Collision Reporting Center. From there, Belairdirect car insurance Ontario customers should call the insurance company and wait for further instructions.

It is important that policy holders do not accept fault for accidents they are involved in. They should obtain the other driver’s full information, including their name, telephone number, address, policy number and vehicle information. Witnesses are also important. These people should not be related to any party. Policy holders may contact the company right after the accident to make sure that their service and coverage is applicable. It is very important that policy holders do not take their cars for repair without calling the insurance company.

Customer Support

Belairdirect Insurance guarantees customers that they will confirm policy holder coverage and provide emergency assistance within 30 minutes after their first call. Otherwise, customers will receive $1,000 or the annual premium amount. This payment does not affect the policy’s coverage in any way. They will remain insured until the end of the term. With this, customers can be sure that they are always getting the best products and services. Policy holders may create an online account at the insurance company’s website where they can get easy access to their policies. They are even provided with options to print their insurance cards. The company always stays on top when it comes to insurance products and technology. Their customers can attest to how easy and convenient it is to acquire and maintain car insurance policies online.